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We help both drivers and riders save on monthly transit fee, and protect the environment and promote energy safety by reducing gas consumption!

Open Mode Integrated Transportation System (OMITS)

A next generation information infrastructure networking users, vehicles and the roadway system

    Our Vision

  • Open Mode Integrated Transportation System (OMITS) uses emerging information and communication technologies, such as wireless communications, Internet services, global positioning systems (GPS), geographic information systems (GIS), and large scale database systems, to improve ridership of vehicles and optimize operation of transportation system.
  • OMITS integrates the availability of multiple transit modes, including carpool, vanpool, bus, and train, and uses dynamic matching and routing algorithms to provide flexible, efficient transit services. The core technologies of the OMITS include effective information communication, accurate acquisition and prediction of traffic conditions, and comprehensive understanding of transit customer behavior and traffic flow dynamics.
  • Using an App of smart phones,OMITS customers can communicate with the OMITS server, detect roadway traffic conditions, and receive driving directions. With the aid of data mining and fusion, the system can use the traffic data for traveler behavior analysis and traffic prediction, from which the optimal routing direction and ridesharing group can be recommended.

    Our Objectives

  • Improve transit operating efficiencies by reducing waiting time and number of cars
  • Protect the environment and promote energy safety by reducing gas consumption
  • Increase transit ridership of public transit system by mitigating the last minute problem
  • Enhance transit safety, security, and emergency reaction by real-time system control
  • Optimize the traffic condition by traffic prediction and dynamic routing direction
  • Improve transit rider experience by social network based grouping with smart phone apps

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    Vision and Objectives