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We help both drivers and riders save on monthly transit fee, and protect the environment and promote energy safety by reducing gas consumption!

Open Mode Integrated Transportation System (OMITS)

A next generation information infrastructure networking users, vehicles and the roadway system

    OMIT App

    The FREE OMIT App is availabe at Appstore and Google Play for download. Once it is installed on your smart phone, the information communication can be conducted between your phone and the OMITS server.
    3 steps to get ready to use OMITS app:
    Step 1: Install OMITS app to your smart phone
    To install OMITS app for an iPhone, please click OMITS app @ App Store
    To install OMITS app for an Android phone, please click OMITS app @ Google Play
    No iPhone or Android phone? You can request ride share using OMITS Online
    Step 2: Run OMITS app
    Please use the invitation code that you have got in your invitation email to register online or through your smart pphone. Then you can login using your Member ID (or email address) and password.
    (By invitation only at this moment - Please contact us if you want to be invited.)
    Step 3: Edit your profile and add your photo
    1) Tap on on the bottom left of your screen to edit your profile.

    2) Tap on or your photo (if any) on the top left of your screen to take a photo of yourself.

    3) Complete your profile edit and submit.

    4) Tap on on the bottom left of your screen to register a car, if you plan to serve as a driver.

    The OMITS App integrates the functions of a traditional automotive global positioning system (GPS) and wireless communication with several other functions critical to the OMITS. It fulfills the following functions:
  • Send service requests to the OMITS server
  • Provide route for drivers and itinerary for riders
  • Locate vehicles with OMITS authentication
  • Verify the success of service and serve as a ticket for the service
  • Sense the traffic condition and report the speed of a vehicle

    Privacy Policy

    The Privacy Policy statement is made for you to understand what information we collect about you, on what purposes and who will have access to it. This concerns both the use of the website and the smartphone App.

    Please read the full Privacy Policy.

    Terms of Use

    If you continue to browse and/or use the OMITS, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern OMITS relationship with you in relation to this service. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our service You may use the OMITS through the domain www.ndjse.com, through a different domain or sub-domain (including via third party domains) or through mobile phone applications. This Agreement applies to your use of the OMITS regardless of the method through which it is accessed.

    Please read the full Terms of Use.

    OMITS Code of Ethics

    This code's objective is to ensure that every user adopts a convenient behavior when using our service.
  • Pick up and Drop off code
    Users should always consider safety. When a rider is waiting for a driver to come pick him up, it is under his responsibility to find a safe place where the driver can park his car. On another hand the driver should always drop the rider off in a pedestrian adapted area. Moreover the rider can ask to be dropped close from a public transit station.
  • Smoking
    Both driver and riders have to agree on this point. Even if the driver is used to smoke in his car, he has to ask the rider if he agrees with smoking inside the car.
  • Eating and Drinking
    You will not eat or drink inside the car without the driver's agreement. If he does agree, please try and keep everything clean behind you.
  • Alcohol and Drugs
    Users (riders included) will not use the service under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any intoxicating substances. Any user can cancel a ride if he finds the other user under the influence of such products.
  • Communication Code
    The OMITS will provide you with all the information you need to find each other, you will not usually have to use your phone to find your driver or your rider. When in the carpool, you should always stay polite. This includes not having long and loud phone conversation. Always ask your co-rider before doing something as eating, drinking, smoking, or changing radio station. After the ride you will be asked to give a note to your co-rider. If that note is low you will not be matched to him again. You also can add comments on his profile. Be sure to stay respectful at all times and do not provide private information you were not allowed to.
  • Public Transit
    Whenever you are redirected to the public transit, you should refer to its own code of ethics. (ex: MTA rules of Conduct : http://www.mta.info/nyct/rules/rules.htm)
  • Use of Phone while Driving
    The OMITS App will give you information about your route. Therefore we strongly advise you to consult the local legislation on the use of phone while driving. The driver can be the one that read directions for more safety.
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