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Open Mode Integrated Transportation System (OMITS)

A next generation information infrastructure networking users, vehicles and the roadway system


    The concept of OMITS was proposed by Professor Huiming Yin in 2009. After some preliminary investigation and preparation, the concept was approved in the laboratory environment in the Carleton Laboratory in 2011. The major design and development of a small scale OMITS system have been conducted through a DOT UTRC exploratory project. NDJ is implementing the development and design of the modules and subsystem for actual application in the New York Metropolitan area. It will be open to the public, who are mainly from Columbia University, for actual operation for prototype demonstration. Toward future large scale application, the system will gradually increase from a small number of users to a medium size of 500 users, covering the area of residences in Bergan County of New Jersey who are working at Manhattan, as shown in the figure. Upon the actual OMITS completed and mission qualified through real test and demonstration, the business will grow up for a larger number of Bergen residences and extend to other NYC metropolitan areas and even other megacities. Current implementation work focuses on the technical issues of the development and operation of the OMITS and address two fundamental risks which may significantly affect the success of the project, namely service pricing and privacy protection. The participants are screened for research and development purpose. Once the prototype demonstration is successful, NDJ will upgrade the smart phone app and scale up the system to a working version open to the general public, and thus produce broader impact to future transportation system. However, some risks may be anticipated as follows in the interaction between the system and users, between OMITS and available transit systems, and between different OMITS servers:
  • Because the public transit system may change its schedule on short notice, the OMITS may occasionally provide wrong directions for connection between a ridesharing service and a public transit service.
  • Due to the dynamic nature of the transit system, the ABMS may not be fast enough under certain scenarios, which may cause complaints and failures of operation.
  • The recommendations of OMITS may be beyond people's expectations. People may be disinclined to follow the recommendations at the beginning.

  • To mitigate these risks, the R&D team will adopt the following approaches:
  • The R&D team will work closely with MTA- New York City Transit to keep our database updated.
  • Proactive surveys will be designed and conducted especially in the beginning phase. The results and feedback will be immediately used to improve the system and to limit potential problems.
  • Our researchers and workers will be particularly attuned in the beginning phase of experimental operation to identify and correct problems in a timely manner, so that the high quality service and accurate information will gain the trust of users gradually.
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