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Open Mode Integrated Transportation System (OMITS)

A next generation information infrastructure networking users, vehicles and the roadway system


    The information communication framework of OMITS has been illustrated in the figure. The OMITS server collects transportation demands from riders and matches them with the available services. It also senses the roadway information through vehicles and simulates the traffic conditions for route direction for drivers. The OMITS server is designed with the capacity to handle the three necessary modules of the system as follows: The User Operation System provides the interface for users. A driver needs to submit a message by the smart phone app to the database server in advance. OMITS will provide ride-matching information and give driving direction based on the traffic situation. A rider can submit a riding request signal by cPhone at any time. OMITS will find a possible ride plan based on the availability of transit services. If an accident occurs, the driver's smart phone app will send a signal to the server for emergency service. The Background Routing and Dispatching System provides the optimal route for drivers, matches a driver and riders, traces and confirms the success or failure of a ride service. A reliable and efficient algorithm will be developed to quickly analyze the temporal and spatial data from drivers and riders and provide the routing and dispatching service. The Member Management System provides service such as member registration, security check, insurance, billing and payment, and complaint handling.

    OMITS is an excellent example of the use of information and communication technologies to deliver transportation service through knowledge discovery, search, data mining, data management, and visualization. Because the speed of information communication through cellular phones and the Internet is tremendously higher than that of vehicles on roadway, the time and spatial limits of traditional transportation system can be overcome by appropriate integration of the new information and communication technologies into transportation services. In addition, the diverse transportation needs of different groups of people catalyze the formation of a virtual community in the information infrastructure, where new services and products can be developed and tailored for the targeted group.
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