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We develop engineering software for customers to satisfy their specifial needs that OEM software cannot easily address.

Engineering Software Development

Pre- and postprocessing for 2D/3D data analysis; Image processing software; Specialized VBA for excel sheets; Smart phone apps; Webservices; Online Database, etc.

    Programming Skills

  • NDJSE, LLC is specialized in finite element programming in C++ and FORTRAN.
  • We have extensive experience in creating graphic user interface (GUI) for 2D/3D scentific data preprocessing and postprocessing.
  • Our skillset also includes programming languages such as PHP, VBA, LUA, Java, C# etc.
  • We frequently use OPENGL, FOX-TOOLKIT, CORONA SDK to make high quality products very efficiently.
  • If you ever need database for your engineering software, we are also good at SQL, MySQL, and Access etc.
  • We have extensive experience in multiple platforms, including Windows, Unix and Smart Phones.

    Digital Image Processing Software

    To illustrate our comprehensive skills, one of our projects is for digital image processing. A software package, ImageParser, is developed to generate an FEM mesh from 3-D tomographic medical images. This software uses a semi-automatic method to detect ROIs from the context of image including neighboring tissues and organs, completes segmentation of different tissues, and meshes the organ into elements.

  • The finite element method (FEM) is a powerful mathematical tool to simulate and visualize the mechanical deformation of tissues and organs during medical examinations or interventions. It is yet a challenge to build up an FEM mesh directly from a volumetric image partially because the regions (or structures) of interest (ROIs) may be irregular and fuzzy.
  • The ImageParser is shown to build up an FEM model for simulating the mechanical responses of the breast based on 3-D CT images. The breast is compressed by two plate paddles under an overall displacement as large as 20% of the initial distance between the paddles. The strain and tangential Young's modulus distributions are specified for the biomechanical analysis of breast tissues.
  • The ImageParser can successfully extract the geometry of ROIs from a complex medical image and generate the FEM mesh with customer-defined segmentation information
  • The ImageParser can successfully detect tumor tissues using the Strain and Tangent Young's Modulus Distribution: the distribution of von Mises strain shown in Figure(a) and Tangent Young's modulus shown in Figure (b) for the layers at z = 69, 78, 87 mm are illustrated. Because the tumor is much harder than other tissues, the Tangent Young's modulus is obviously higher and the strain is lower than those at the neighoring region.
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Application Field

  • Solar Energy
  • Transportation System
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Oil/Gas Industry
  • Mechanical System
  • Civil Engineering