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Structure Analysis

We provides structural finite element analysis services for companies that require highly skilled FEA consulting engineers to perform analysis of their designs.

Structure FEA, Reliability and Optimization

FEA in ANSYS, ABAQUS; FORM/SORM, Monte-Carlo Simulation; Design Optimization, etc.

    Structure FEA

  • NDJSE, LLC provides clients with services to identify structural problems, build structure models, and accurately perform the required FEA analysis, and then provide a high quality report of interpretation of the results.
  • All engineers in NDJSE, LLC are good at static and dynamic anaysis using ANSYS Classic/Workbench and ABAQUS.
  • We are specialized in structure welding simulation and accurate residual stress prediction using ANSYS Classic/Workbench and ABAQUS.

    Reliability Analysis

  • Design parameter senstivity study
  • First-Order Reliability Method (FORM)
  • Second-Order Reliability Method (SORM)
  • Monte-Carlo Simulation
  • Latin Hypercube and Importance Sampling

    Design Optimization

  • Minimizing material usage to save cost
  • Improving structure strength
  • Optimizing manufacturing process
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Application Field

  • Solar Energy
  • Transportation System
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Oil/Gas Industry
  • Mechanical System
  • Civil Engineering